Thursday, July 01, 2004

Spay/Neuter Crusade!

You may have noticed that I've put a new banner on my blog (I know, I'm starting to get a little nutsy just popping things on here, but I felt it was important). It's a banner for the PAW petition. This petition is circulating across the United States. The purpose? It's a petition for the states to provide low cost and free spay/neuter to citizens to prevent unwanted pets. Each state has its own petition drawn up. Please realize this is NOT a petition for MANDATORY spay/neuter of all animals (so breeders, you can rest easily). This will just enable those folks that don't necessarily have the funds to afford it, to spay/neuter their animals as well, responsibly. This petition also has a clause in it to give animal shelters state supported spay/neuter funds as well. So if you are an animal lover, please take part in this petition. It is the best way to help shelters and the homeless animal problem. You can click the banner above, or click the one at the top of the page. After signing, take a minute to browse around the Pets and Animals website. They have lots of great articles, tips, and pictures of animal related issues. I've also added a button so you can listen to the Best Friends Animal Radio Network. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located in Angel Canyon, Utah. They shelter abused and abandoned animals for life. Their goal is "No More Homeless Pets". They provide education, seminars, listservs, etc. all across the country to promote this. They do adoptions too! Anyway, have a listen at some of the shows they broadcast. There is a lot of good tips and suggestions they give. They even broadcast "call in" shows so you can ask a question. I'd love to visit the sanctuary some day. It looks absolutely beautiful. I've posted some pics, courtesy of their website, below. Enjoy!! Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located in Angel Canyon, right at the heart of the Golden Circle of national parks, including Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. photo credit: Raphael de Peyer Dr. Rich Allen examines a new arrival at the Best Friends Clinic. photo credit: Jana de Peyer Feeding 650 dogs is a big job, but it’s all in a day's work for the staff and volunteers at Best Friends’ Dogtown. photo credit: Harry Munro

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