Saturday, July 24, 2004

Soak Up the Sun......Dog Days Update

Back from soaking up the sun. Although it was hotter than hades out there, the trip to Dog Days turned out to be a wonderful and profitable event. There were so many beautiful dogs there. Weimaraners were everywhere! I saw chihuahuas, dachshaunds, and corgis too! They were all SOOOOO cute!! They had a lot of nice information booths and also vendor booths. None of the booths had greenies, but I ended up scoring something MUCH better!! I won one of the doorprizes. I won a dog bed, 2 bags of homemade dog treats, and 3 bandanas!! Not a bad haul huh? I was also offered a part time job by a well established pet sitting business here called For Pet's Sake. Seems they want to expand their business into the tiny little surrounding town, where I live. They said they'd like for little 'ol me to handle they pet sitting there.! I can finally see an opening in the animal industry, which is what I truly would LOVE to do! I still want to learn to groom as well, but this is a fabulous opportunity. I'm just so excited. I guess I'll be bouncing for the rest of the day. Hope you all have a great weekend......

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