Thursday, July 22, 2004

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Well, I have made a little more progress in my grooming dilema. I've gotten lots of advice from lots of professional groomers. The consenus is that I should just scrap the correspondence idea, and just let a local groomer mentor me. That way I can have hands on experience. I can live with that. I spoke with Kitty (isn't that a great name for a shelter worker?!), my co-head volunteer at our shelter. She is going to speak with the lady that owns the grooming shop that does the shelter's work. Kitty seems to think that she would be very receptive to teaching me to groom. I'm hoping that this will have a good end result. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me. I guess that it is good to get all of this ironed out now, before I go throwing my money around, than to find out it was all useless later. I've been sent a LOT of very useful websites today and lots of pet product places to peruse for my equipment. So, my day is at least looking up. TAH!

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