Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Back to the Regular Work Schedule

Here I am. Back to the old routine. My weekend was pretty nice. The obedience trials were really interesting. I watched the novice classes a lot. I wanted to pick up some tips to use on Bear. I really enjoyed the utility class too. That kind of dog obedience is something to definitely strive towards. It was impressive. I love that it was done by voice command only. One other class that I watched, and I'm not sure which it was, the owners put their dogs in sit and left the room for about 5 minutes. Those little dogs just sat there like little stone statues! That was too cool. The owners then returned an put their dogs in a down position and left the room again. Talk about some obedient canines! Sunday I didn't do much of anything. I just sat around, watched t.v., and did some kitchen cleanup. I visited with my Mom for a bit too. She's been under the weather lately, but is finally starting to feel a little better. Yesterday, I managed to get back to my regular swimming routine. I went early, so I could be finished by the time I picked Casey up from work. I managed to get all of my laps done, and I added something different to the routine yesterday. I managed to get in 20 laps with a kickboard. I figured my bottom half could use some extra work! Anyway, I felt quite accomplished, when I got finised. Hope that I can keep up the good workouts. I just feel better, when I get exercise. Of course being out in that good sunshine helps boost my mood too. I don't have much planned for today. Just my normal work routine. When I get home, Casey and I are going to sketch out some more of our total "simplifing our life" routine. We are hoping to pitch out a fair amount of the junk we have stored in our house. I hope that we are able to stick with it. Hope everyone has a good day! TAH!

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