Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Wednesday of My Discontent

Since I returned to my regular work week just yesterday, I'm slowly starting to realize that the rut, I left on vacation to make go away, still exists. Seems this week is turning out to be the "same ol' same ol'". I just wish that I could figure out something interesting to do for the week. I'm having a horrible bout with fatigue this week as well. I'll just be in the middle of doing a task, watching something, or going somewhere, and it hits all of the sudden. It's the onset of that sudden sinking feeling of absolute exhaustion, and I can't wait to finish what I'm doing and lay down. This time last year, I was plagued by this problem almost every day. My doctor suggested that I start taking vitamins. I did, and they really worked. This is the first time, since I started taking the vitamins, that this has happened. Maybe it's just from getting my routine out of whack, while I was on vacation. Hopefully, everything will even out for me as I get back to normal. I spent some time yesterday checking out pet grooming courses and schools. I've decided to take an academic hiatus for the fall semester this year. I've been taking college courses on a part time basis and working full time for over 6 years now. I'm very close to finishing up my BS, but I really just need a break for one semester. Since I'm not the type of person to just sit and do nothing but work, I've decided to get a certification in grooming. Since the only actual "school" is nearly 5 hours drive east of me, I've decided on starting with an accredited correspondence course. I've gotten it narrowed down to 2 schools. One is JLK Grooming School out of Canada. They are accredited here in the US as well. The other is Groomadog Academy out of South Carolina. They are both priced comparably, but their instruction approach is a little different. If anyone out there reading is a groomer and has suggestions, please post some comments for me. I think I'm really going to like grooming. It will be something I can do that will really help out the shelter too! I need a favor for one of my good friends, Melissa, as well. She teaches Seniors at a local high school here. She wants to do a new project for her class' term paper this time. She's decided to have them compare and contrast fact and ficticious facts from movies about British history. The problem is, we are having trouble thinking of movies that fit the bill. We've thought of the obvious ones like Braveheart, Rob Roy, and Lawrence of Arabia. I know that I have some great readers from the UK, so if you (or anyone else for the matter) has any suggestions, please send them to me, or post a comment. This has become like a little scavenger hunt for us. It's fun to see what we can come up with to put on our list. That's about it in my world today. Tah for now!

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theogeo said...

If anyone deserves a semester off, it's you. Have fun!