Friday, July 16, 2004

Outlandish Ideas!

I forgot to mention in my previous vacation wrapup post, that I'm totally addicted to the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. My good friend Kim, lent me her copy of Outlander to read, when I was lacking in literary material. I only lacked a little finishing, before vacation, so I went out and bought the next installment Dragonfly In Amber. I didn't think I could wait to continue the story until I got back to reality. These books are full of historical references, time travel, and romance. A little bit of everything wrapped up into one neat package.I managed to get in reading on vacation everyday!! That was so relaxing! I highly recommend this series to anyone with a love for reading. Once you get started, you can't put them down. I had no idea until just recently that this series has the HUGE following that it does. There's a companion book, webrings, discussion groups, etc. I can't wait to purchase the whole set now! Here's a brief summary of the plot.
The year is 1945 and Claire Beauchamp Randall, a former British combat nurse, is on holiday in Scotland with her husband, looking forward to becoming reacquainted after the wars long separation. Like most practical women, Claire hardly expects her curiosity to get the better of her. But an ancient stone circle near her lodgings holds an eerie fascination, and when she innocently touches one of the giant boulders, shes hurtled backward in time more than two hundred years, to 1743.Alone where no lady should be alone, and far from the familiar comforts of her other life, Claires usual resourcefulness is tested to the limit. The merciless garrison captain so feared by others bears an uncanny resemblance to the husband she has just left behind. Her own odd circumstances expose her to accusations of witchcraft. And the strands of a political intrigue she doesnt understand threaten to ensnare her at every turn.But of all the perils her new life holds, none is more disquieting than her growing feelings for James Fraser, the gallant young Scot she is forced to marry for her own protection. Sworn by his wedding vows to keep her from harm, Jamies passion for Claire goes beyond duty. As she struggles with the memories of another lifetime, she is forced to make an agonizing and fateful choice, and learns ultimately that a man's instinct to protect the woman he loves is as old as time.This bestselling novel of time travel fuses the drama, passion, and violence of 18th-century Scotland with a wry, modern sensibility, as Gabaldon tells the story of one daring woman and the man who loves her.
Sounds good no? I know that a couple of my readers have read and are reading the series now. Feel free to leave comments and reviews here. I know that I'll enjoy them.

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