Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Take Your Dog to Work Day, June 25th

This weather is completely oppressive. I'm tired of trying to gasp for breath through this humid mist mass they're calling air these days. I'm ready for a cool front to come through and bring some low humidity and some sunny days. BUT, that's just my wish isn't it? It's grey and rainy out again today. Looks like the chance of rain will be with us for forever. It's making for an awfully hard time waking up, and it's also squashing my creativity. I do have one thing to mention, anyway. When I got here this morning and checked my e-mail, I found my weekly newsletter from The Humane Society of the United States. Seems that this coming Friday, June 25th, is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. You can read all about it's origins here. Although I think this may not be practical for everyone, it sure would be fun to try. They say it's a great reliever of work place stress. Now, THAT I can believe. I can have one of the most stressful days, but when I get home with my animals, it all seems to just melt away. I know that pets are recommended for lowering blood pressure too! I know that this might not be a stress relief for everyone, especially for those with allergies and fear of animals, but it could do some of us a world of good. I can just see it now. Me, wagging Bear into work with me. Don't you think he'd be funny at a University Library? He's so social and good with people. He's completely won over my entire neighborhood. I know of one big corporate workplace that does promote pets in the workplace. It's Replacements, Ltd. They are a company that provides hard to find and discontinued china, crystal, etc. In fact, you can log on to find out about their pets in the workplace policy here. By logging on, I just learned they were the very first company to help creat Bring Your Pet to Work Day. I think it would be great to have more places like that. They must be a wonderful company to work for. Sign me up! Just on an extra side note, I called Kindred Spirits yesterday. I am the process of setting up an appointment for Bear to go out and familiarize himself with the facility. I don't want to just drop him off in some place that's completely foreign to him. I left Jennie a message yesterday, so hopefully we'll have the introduction scheduled soon. I'll let you know the details of the visit afterwards. Well, that's about it folks. Keep on thinking free...until next time!

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