Thursday, June 10, 2004

Oh, If I Could Only Win the Powerball!!

If I had only won the powerball last night, I wouldn't have to be here today!! I'm such an aspiring lottery winner. I've already decided if I win, I would help so many causes. I'd like to give my shelter a million dollars to build a really nice building, and hire some paid employees. I'd like to buy my mom a nice house and fix her a nice bank account to live on for the rest of her life. I'd share with my friends. I think what I'd like to do is buy a house and a new car and set up a pet related business of my own. I'd really like to set up my own grooming shop. I'd like to builed the dream aquarium shop for Casey. Hopefully, it would come out a lot like a place in Nashville called Aquatic Critter. Oh, and I'd like to start an animal sanctuary too. And, and, and.....if I'd only won the powerball last night!! DRAT!! Until later....

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