Saturday, June 12, 2004

Fur Ball Day!

Well, today is it. Tonight Casey and I are going to attend the Wartrace Fur Ball. The monies raised through this event will be used to offset spay/neuter costs for the community. I see this event as a good opportunity. It is within Bedford County, and my association serves Bedford County. I see this as a way to get a whole, second, very interested group involved with our organization. We might even get some new recruits volunteered that would enable us to keep our shelter open. We've already had a 17 year old student volunteer, during her summer off. I think she is going to come in several times a week and walk dogs for us. I'm looking forward to making new friends and connections tonight. This may just be a turning point for us. I know one of the ladies helping to organize tonight's event. Her name is Jennie Jones, and she is a professional dog trainer with her own business called Kindred Spirits. This is a top notch facility. It is where Bear will be taking his holiday, while we are in Florida this year. I'm sure that he'll just love running around in all that fenced in area. Anyway, I told Jennie that I'd bring some pasta salad. I made it up last night, so it should be good and chilled by tonight. It's going to be like a big picnic, I think, with all this great homemade food and lots of homemade icecream. Anway, everyone have a great weekend, and I'll give a full report of the Fur Ball next week! I'm going to post a few pictures of Bear, since I talk about him all of the time. Bear in our yard. January 2004. Bear when we went to pick him up as we rescued him. Me and Bear when we were getting a shot for the newspaper upon being awarded the Tennesee Animal Friendly Grant that I wrote in November, 2003. PLEASE PREVENT UNWANTED PETS. SPAY/NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS!

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