Saturday, June 05, 2004

It's Like Herding Cats!!

A few months ago, Casey and I took in a stray cat. We felt compelled to do so, because this cat looks so much like our 12 year old cat, Lucy. For the present time, we've been calling her Deuxcy (party because deux is french for #2, and it's also fun to say with Lucy). I'm assuming we'll come up with a much better name for her soon. We soon realized, as is the case with most strays, that she was "with kitten". So, we started preparing for the little fuzzy bundles of joy that were soon to come. Five weeks ago today, May 1, that day came. We were gifted with three little bundles of kitten fun. We have two girls and a boy. We've named them Phoebe, Nala, and Mr. Perkins. Two are black and grey tiger stripped and the third one is a faint tiger strip, but more of a brindle look with a grey background. Just this past week, they've become such fun. They've turned from little grey rat-looking lumps into real kittens. They became really mobile around last Tuesday, meaning they are all over the bedroom, where Momma Cat had chosen to have them. They really love to play with Bear, the Schipperke. He just loves them to death. It is his dream to have other animals to play with. We've started lovingly calling him "Uncle Bear" to the kittens. To be a male, he sure does have some strong maternal insticts. He just loves bathing them! Casey also discovered last night that Phoebe can make it all the way up onto the bed on her own. Looks like we are in for some wild days ahead! With the addition of the stray and her three kittens, that brings our cat count up to six. With the 4 dogs, I am responsible for feeding and watering 10 furred creatures every night, and checking and cleaning multiple litter boxes. Casey takes care of the finned and scaled creatures. Our feeding time has gone from 20 min. to nearly an hour!! I think if it rains enough and our house floats, we could very well have our very own ark!! I'll send pics as soon as I get them downloaded from the camera. I have some really cute ones of Bear and kittens at about 3-4 weeks. Until then....adieu!

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