Tuesday, June 29, 2004

So Much to Tell...So Little Time!

This past weekend ended up being absolutely HUGE for me! So much happened that it's going to be hard for me to get it all in one update, so bear with me! Sunday, I went back for the second day of the agility trials. My Mom went with me, and after a brief stop for lunch at the Krystals for lunch, we were on our way. They had so much activity going on. The classes we saw were mostly of Collies and Shepherds. We also got to see the Novice class go through their set as well. I really liked the Border Collies the best! They were so fast and agile. At times, they looked like little black and white snakes going through those weave poles! After the agility trials, Mom and I mosied on over to the Rec Center pool. I managed to get 32 laps in, along with adding to my tan (I'm trying to get a little sun, so I don't fry in Florida next week). Yesterday was a fun day as well. Casey and I both had the day off. Since the weather wasn't fit for swimming, we decided to go to Franklin, TN to do some interesting shopping. We went to a new aquarium shop called Fins of Franklin. It's set up a whole lot like Aquatic Critter, and we really liked it. Then we went to this place called The Factory at Franklin. It's an old refurbished factory building that they've turned into a mall of sorts. We visited the Viking cooking supply store. Casey bought a really neat, square storage container, and a couple of other things. It had everything a chef could possible want, including offering cooking classes. Across the hall we got to visit Happy Tales Humane. Casey and looked at their facility at great length. They have such a wonderful set up there. We visited their dog and their cat room. We got to talk with the assistant shelter manager, Kris Phifer, there too. They had some of the most impressive cat trees in their cat room that I've ever seen. Casey was asking if they'd been custom made, because he and I are interested in building some for the shelter. Well, Ms. Phifer, said they had extras that they'd be happy to share with us! So, thanks to Happy Tales Humane, we now have 2 new cat trees and 3 flats of canned cat food for our kitties at the shelter!! It was such a generous, unexpected gift!! I just can't believe it!! After loading our gifts from Happy Tales, Casey and I went on over to Wild Oats organic grocery. They have some fabulous food stuffs there. We got to sample some fruit and ended up buying some pasta, cheese, and chocolate covered cranberries. Mmmmmm! That's our busy weekend in a nutshell. Today promises to be busy as well. I have a full schedule at work. Also, today the ladies from Kansas City are coming to meet Diva and Madison. I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure everything will work out fine. Also after work, Bear is scheduled to make his first pre-vacation visit to Kindred Spirits. He should enjoy that very much! I'll post all the details tomorrow. Until then!! Toodles!

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