Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!!

I posted an update yesterday in good faith, but blogger either ate the post or shot it into cyberspace somewhere. This past weekend I watched a lot of t.v. and got to the movies. I managed to catch Down With Love on HBO. It's a great movie, and I just loved Ewan McGregor's character of Catch Block. It's got such a nostalgic overtone that I couldn't help but love it. I also got to see the season finale of The Sopranos. I've been addicted to this show for about the past four seasons. I won't give any details, in case someone may not have seen it yet, but I will say the finale is the last show that Steve Buschemi will be guest starring in for this series. Very, very good season ending. I hope they get into negotiations soon for a new season. I managed to catch the season 4 premiere of BBC's Coupling. To my suprise it was very good. I was disappointed that Richard Coyle would not be returning as Jeff Murdoch's character this season. They did have Steve talking to his character on the phone the whole show, so they have at least left the door open, in case he decides to return. The new character, Oliver, has been written in as a replacement for Jeff. Not a bad character, but they need to let him develop into his own character. I did get to go see the new Harry Potter on Monday. I can certainly tell you that I was NOT disappointed. I think that I like this new one the best. I know there are others who disagree, but I'm still sticking to my opinion. The story line was a bit more mature, which was fitting since the characters are more mature in this particular story line. The photography and attention to detail were fabulous. Not to give anything plot wise away, one of my favorite details was the scenes of the whomping willow going through the change of seasons. So what did you guys think of it? I know you won't believe this, but I did managed to get outside some this weekend. I completely shirked my home responsibilities and went to the pool on Sunday. I spent a nice afternoon just relaxing, listening to music, and tanning. I'd walked Bear earlier in the morning, so I had nothing to do after I came home but eat dinner, relax, and watch t.v. All in all, I had a very restful weekend. This week, I've just been doing the mundane chore of working and doing things for the humane association. I went out to the shelter yesterday and visited with all of the dogs and cats. We only have six cats left, and two of those have adoption applications out on them. We've done very well in that area. We still have a lot of dogs to place. Every time we get those down in numbers, we end up having a huge litter of pups. Right now, we have a litter of 9 and their Mama. We've got a few applications out on those as well, so maybe we can get our numbers down soon. All of us volunteers are planning to go into one of the little unincorporated communities to attend their annual Fur Ball. They do this to help our county raise funds for spay/neuter purposes. It's like a great big bring your own dish dinner with homemade icecream. Sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun for a great cause. Well, gotta run for now. I'll post pics of the kittens as soon as I can. Until next time.... REMEMBER: June is adopt a shelter cat month Please prevent unwanted pets...spay/neuter!!

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