Saturday, June 26, 2004


No, I'm not talking about the 80's album from The Police. I just love it when I have a day when everything falls into place. It started out this morning. I was visiting dispatch this morning, which is where Casey works. See, Casey and I are sharing a car temporarily (waaaay long story), and I can't come to work until my building opens on Saturdays, so I wait in dispatch until opening time. It was such fun today! We had a great breakfast delivered from IHOP. I had the cheese blintzes for the first time, and let me tell you, they are FABULOUS!! It's almost like eating a dessert for breakfast! They were so rich, I was only able to eat 1 out of the 3 that were prepared. Everyone that was working dispatch today was hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time before 7 a.m. I finally left for work, and realized one of my best friends, Melissa is working with me today. She told me that there is a dog agility show going on across campus. We decided to take our lunch break and go over and watch some of the show! I can't wait! I've always wanted to see an agility competition. I've been thinking about getting Bear into agility, after his obedience training. Anyway, I'm too excited about that...... NOW THE BEST PART: Yesterday, the adoption coordinator at my shelter, put me in charge of making adoption arrangements for 2 little Lhasa Apso mix dogs that are being fostered at my brother's house. We've received so many good applications, but one stood out. I took down names and numbers and made the call last night. These 2 ladies sound like GREAT pet parents! They are making a 9 hour drive next week, just to meet these little dogs. Sounds like these little girls are going to be very pampered. Anyway, long story short, my first adoption arrangements have been successful so far, and I managed to get them both taken together!! The sun, moon, and stars must be aligned for me today. NOTE TO SELF: Play the Powerball tonight....... Anyway, I'm too excited over all of today's events that have made me really happy!!! I just love it when a plan comes together! I'm posting the little dogs' pictures below, so you all can see just how cute they are too!!! I'll give another update this afternoon after the agility show...too cool!!! TAH! Diva and Madison: Two lucky little girls that are about to get a nice, new, wonderful home!

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