Saturday, June 19, 2004

Countdown to Vacation

I've been thinking a lot about vacation today. I looked on the calendar and realized that we'll be leaving 2 weeks from this coming Wednesday!! That was a nice suprise! This year we are going to spend a few days at Daytona Beach and a few days in Orlando. Anyway, I've been preparing a mental list of "to do's", since yesterday afternoon. Let's see: Pack my bag Pack Casey's bag (The last time Casey packed his own bag, he ended up with 2 t-shirts and 7 pairs of shorts. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at the Disney Resort laundry. And Casey, if you're reading this....I love you!) Pack Bear's bag. What? you ask. Pack Bear's bag? Yes, Bear will be experiencing a little vacation of his own this year. While we are away, he will be spending 7 fun-filled days and nights at Kindred Spirits training facility operated by Jennie Jones. I highly recommend this facility if you need to board or train your animals. Jennie's the best and has a top notch facility. She specializes in obedience, therapy work, and is beginning agility. Anyway, I realized that I just might need to pack a few necessities for Bear to take with him. Let's see there's the dog bed, so he can have it with him in the kennel at night, a few of his favorite toys, his food, and his treats. Then I have to make sure to pack his harness, collar, leash, and vaccination papers. Whew!! This list is getting longer by the minute. He will get a little training while he's there and lots of playtime. There are 2 big, fenced-in exercise yards there. One for the little dogs, and one for the big dogs. I just know that he'll enjoy running around, outside without his leash. He needs that kind of exercise. My mom and brother will be taking care of the other dogs, cats, and lizards, while we are away. So, we'll have very little to worry about while we are gone. I know that Slate, my chihuahua, will enjoy Bear's vacation as well. He tolerates Bear really well, but would much prefer he fell off a cliff or something. Slate likes to be the only boy baby in the house. Too much to do and to think about. Too many lists to complete. And as always, I'll get down there and realize that I've forgotten something really important. Oh well, such is life! I think I can go on now, knowing vacation is looming close. Everyone have a terrific weekend!! Tah!! Bear in anticipation of his summer holiday! Slate in anticipation of Bear's summer holiday!

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theogeo said...

That sounds like so much fun! I hope you have a great time!!