Friday, June 04, 2004

Harry Potter Release Day!!

You know for many years, I fought against all of this Harry Potter craze. I just couldn't understand why all of the hype was being made by adults over a childrens' book. I got strongarmed, by a good friend, into seeing the first movie (I never really got into the Lord of the Rings triology, so I figured I might as well watch one series, at least). I was so blown away by the story that I began reading the books then. That was it!! I was hooked. I'm officially a "Pot"ter head now. Yes, along with millions of others I eagerly awaited the release of the 5th book last June. I was right in the middle of my reading bliss, when my Schipperke, Bear, read the middle with his teeth. Ended up buying another copy! So, today, all I'm thinking is how soon can I get to the theatre and see this treat! Do I want to try to go tonight with all of the Potter Mania craziness? We'll see. Hopefully, I'll have a review for you guys soon! Until later....Happy Harry Potter Day!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

And have you seen Van Helsing yet? Hmmm Hmmm

Mind you, I love Snape...but Van Helsing, Dracula, and Carl...well they are much easier on the eyes

Cheryl said...

Not yet. Have to get husband out of mucho foul mood!! I may just have to go alone sniff sniff!!!!

theogeo said...

Cheryl, have you seen the new Harry Potter? I liked it -- especially the playful camerawork of the new director. I'm so bad, though ... I've only read the first book. Gasp!