Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Little Nervous

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My stomach is starting to wind into knots this morning. Why? Because it's fundraiser day. I always find myself like the little girl who invites everyone to the birthday party and thinks no one will show up. I'm always like this, when I've organized the whole thing. The others that I just work on, but not plan, not so much. I just have a fear of getting to Pope's Cafe tonight and it being dead empty. Last summer, I experienced my worst case of nerves with our Celebration Pet Day fundraiser. It had never been done before, in our area, and I HAD to volunteer to do it. I had such nightmares the night before. When the day finally came, all of my fears just melted away. Lots of people came, and everything turned out fine. I just hope tonight's outcome goes as well.

Casey and I dropped by Pope's last night for a quick dinner, and the place looks really good. We have lots of flyers up there, and several people that were eating last night said they'd be back tonight for the fundraiser. I've been on the phone this morning, getting last minute details worked out. I had to call Kitty, my humane association adoption coordinator (yes folks, her REAL name is Kitty) to make sure that she remembers the pictures of our adoptable pets for the tables. Debra, one of Pope's owners is going to add even more stuff tonight. There is a live Karaoke band that is going to be out on the sidewalk in front to help draw folks inside. I've got to run out and grab a big bag of dog biscuits for a number guess. Whoever guesses the closest number of biscuits in the treat jar, wins a homemade coconut cake! The day is closing in on me already!! Every time I start freaking out, I try to remember the reason I do this. It's all for These Guys!! I just hope that I don't let them down. I'll have lots of pictures to share with you all next week. Everyone have a good weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Fat Cats and Dumpy Dogs

It seems that America not only has a problem with obese humans, but obese pets as well. I randomly googled a search on "fat cats", and the number of results were incredible. In under one minute, I read about the famous Russian fat cat, Katy.

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Then I found a story about a fat cat in Berlin, Mikesch, that was turned into a shelter. He became fat, because his owner fed him a pound of mince meat a day! Cats are not the only fat pets either. Dogs are fast becoming dumpy in America as well.

Why are America's pet becoming obese? Experts say, it's because pet owners are "humanizing" their pets. We tend to treat them often, and much like our own workouts, become lax in walking and exercising routines. For a short list of calories per treat, click HERE. An overweight pet faces many of the same risks as overweight humans. Risks such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and hip dysplasia are all common in obese pets. For a complete list of risks, click HERE. How do we conqueor this problem? Experts say, we can stop feeding table scraps, cut back on their regular food, and exercise, exercise, exercise!! For some good diet tips, click HERE. For a weight reduction program, click HERE.

I have a fat cat and a couple of dumpy dogs at my house. I'm hoping to start a new routine. Fergie is a larger dog prone to hip dysplasia. She weighs more than she should, especially at a young age. My goal is to teach her to walk in the neighborhood for exercise (she can sleep more than any dog I've ever seen for age 4!). She is trained to walk on lead, but is really frightened out in the neighborhood. Casey said that he'd work with me to help her. She tends to do better, when she buddies up with Bear. With Casey's help, we can take them both at the same time. I'm going to try to cut back the treats to once a week too. I think everybody could benefit from that, even my pocketbook. I'm going to TRY to cut out any yummies off of my plate as well. Remember don't confuse treating with love. I keep trying to say that over and over to myself.

Hopefully by following these tips, we all will have happier, healthier pets that stay with us for a long, long time. Everyone have a great day!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blah and Busy

Wow, it's taken an awful long time for me to post today. I've been so busy, that I haven't even had time to look up. In my spare moments, I managed to grab lunch and get a few more details taken care of for the chili supper. Also, I've been busy passing the word about the TN Spay/Neuter bill today. Between all of those errands and work it's been busy, busy, busy. It doens't help that my eye is bothering me again today. It's given me the worst headache, so I don't feel creative at all. I've been trying to decide what to post about today, when I realized with the head pounding, it was useless. So, here I am. I promise to be back tomorrow with a more thoughtful, informative post. Everyone have a great evening!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Getting Chili This Weekend

This week just seems like it is flying by. Maybe it's because it's the week of my humane's next fundraising event. It seems like I'm always busy during those weeks. Casey and I are busy getting the last minute details taken care of for the Have a Heart for Animals Chili Supper. Debra, one of the owners of Pope's Cafe, wants to feature pictures of our adoptable animals. So, I'm trying to get that accomplished today and tomorrow. She's going to have an adoptable pet framed on every table and on the counter. I really think it's going to be cute. Also, as of last week, we have a lady coming to run karaoke. I think it's going to be a really good event. I just hope that the weather cooperates this weekend. NO SNOW AND NO ICE PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

Pope's Cafe is a historic icon in Shelbyville. It's been operating since 1945. They are known for the country ham biscuits and their wonderful pies. The new owners, Debra Weaver and Russell Smith are working really hard to serve authentic Pope's food. Believe me I eat there once a week, and it's GOOOOOOD!!

I would love for anyone that's close enough in the area to come on out and share a great meal with us. Casey is going to help serve, and since I'm not the most graceful person in the world, I'll be filling drinks. Even if you only have a few minutes, come on out. We have takeout orders available. I promise you that it's going to a really worthy cause. If anyone is interested, just shout out in the comments, or shoot me an e-mail. I'll be glad to send you directions. Here's more information:

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Oh and just a secret hint....those oh so fabulous desserts will be on the premises for your eating pleasure too!! Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back In The Thick of It

After a fairly annoying afternoon with the cable company, I spent all weekend stuck at home from the ice. I got to the cable company on Friday afternoon with time to spare. I had digital box and remote in hand. I explained the situation to the desk woman: that I had talked with the tech line the night before, and they told me to come and exchange the box. When I finished, she (in her oh so condescending way) told me, "we don't have the boxes in the office. The techs carry them on the trucks." I politely told her that I didn't have time to take off from work to blow a whole day waiting on the tech. Casey was with me, and she must have sensed our anger. She scheduled an ememergency visit for Saturday morning. Afterwards, I explained to her that I wanted the missing 3 days of digital service removed from my bill: I wasn't paying for a service I wasn't getting!!! So, I went home grumbling, quite loudly, about how useless cable companies are. Casey hooked the cable back into the t.v., so we could at least have some form of television.

I got up Saturday morning to the sound of solid ice plinking on the kitchen air conditioner. It was about 5:45 a.m. and still dark. I opened the back door to find that everything was covered in a solid sheet of ice. No work for me on Saturday. I was grounded. Casey and I had gone to the grocery, just in case, the night before, and he cooked up a fantastic waffle and sausage breakfast. After breakfast, I decided to clean the house. I had nothing else to do. I was half way done, when the cable guy got there. It took him about 10 mintues to hook a new box back up, and we were in business. That's when we discovered that there's crap on t.v. during the day on Saturday. There we were with all of this digital cable and nothing to watch. I finished up with the house around 11:00 a.m. It was nice to be able to lounge the rest of the weekend with the house clean. Casey cooked all weekend. He made homemade soup, a pot roast dinner, and homemade chicken stock to use later. He was a very busy boy.

By Sunday afternoon, we were stir crazy. The streets were passable enough for me to run to the movie rental place and pick up a few movies. We watched a couple of fluff movies. My real find this weekend was the Long Way Round documentary. It's the documentary of Ewan McGregor (Star Wars, Trainspotting, Big Fish, Stay, etc.)and Charley Boorman's motorcycle trip around the world. Here's where they went:

"they rode through France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada before arriving 115 days later at their final destination, New York City, USA."

What they went through was incredible. They went places that people NEVER travel. The had to cross rivers, hire trucks, and use their ingenuity. The DVD is 2 discs long packed full of excitement. The also worked with UNICEF on their journey, and visited many of their sites. This documentary shows you things the Travel Channel doesn't. It also gives a good insight of different cultures around the world. If you are interested in watching, be sure to set aside plenty of time. The whole thing kept me on the edge of my seat. I sure think luck was on their side. I HIGHLY recommend watching. To see some clips, you can go to Amazon. Now, I just have to get my own copy, along with the book. It made a really boring weekend interesting.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Freezing Friday

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Could our weather BE any crazier? I really don't think so. Yesterday, it was 70 degrees; wonderful spring weather. Today, we will stuggle to reach 40. The weather forcast is gloomy. We are supposed to get more snow all weekend long. The really icky part? In southern middle Tennessee, where I live, it's supposed to be a lot of sleet and freezing rain. Now, I don't mind the snow, but freezing rain concerns me. You see, I like things like...oh, I don't know... ELECTRICITY and CABLE and HEAT and being able to get the places I want to go. So, it looks like I'll be stuck at home all weekend again.

The real travesty of the weekend? Casey and I came home last night to find that our antique (and I mean really big, huge, and bulky) digital cable box had given up the ghost. We'd been having problems all week. We'd be sitting there watching something, and the picture would gradually just fade away, go to white, and then the cable would go completely off. Sometimes this would just last for a minute or two, and sometimes it would be several hours. It would eventually come back. We knew something was screwy, because our bedroom t.v., which isn't on the digital service had cable coming through perfectly. We did what most everyone does: BLAME THE POOR QUALITY OF THE CABLE COMPANY!! So, last night after checking connections, rebooting the box, holding our mouths right, and a few other words I won't mention here, I gave up and gave the tech line a call. They went through the same motions again, and finally decided that the cable box had gone to the great cable box rewiring center in the sky. They made a note on our account and said they could schedule a visit from a tech. That's when I politely told them I couldn't take a day off work to watch a cable technician pronounce my digital box dead. So, they made another note that I'd be going to the local office today to get a new box. After work I'll be racing home to grab the box and make it to the office, before they close up for the weekend. Wheeeeeeeeee!! Hopefully, we'll have a nice new signal coming in strong by tonight. This must work people! I just have to see The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic tonight!! Cesar is one of my heroes!

As I said, the weekend is a bust. We have nothing planned, because of the weather. I do think we are going to try and rent a bunch of DVDs to keep us busy. I hope you all have a nice, warm weekend wherever you are!

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Things to Think On

I heard this morning about the missing Westminster Whippet. The Whippet who had shown in the dog show earlier this week, somehow escaped from her crate, while being loaded onto a plane. As of today there is still no sign of her, and the search continues. To read the full story, click HERE.

When I heard about this, it just made me sick. A lost dog is one of my biggest fears. As anyone that owns a schipperke knows, most of the time a "loose schipperke is a lost schipperke". I'll have to attest to that sentiment. Bear is very obedient, but highly stimulated by his surrounding environment. His recall command is good...MOST of the time. But he's still not 100%. We never go out without a leash..EVER!! Since my backyard isn't fenced, I'm too afraid to take the chance. I don't need that kind of excitement in my life. One night, not too long ago, I was settling in for the night and missed Bear. I asked Casey if he'd seen him. We started calling and whistling inside the house. We got no response. We knew then, that Bear was not inside. I started quickly thinking back to the last time I'd seen him. I had gone over nextdoor earlier to visit my mom. He was in the house, when I left. That was the only time he could have gotten out. Casey and I threw our clothes back on and got ready to start searching. As I opened the door to head outside, there sat Bear at the back door, waiting to be let inside. I couldn't believe it. He'd been outside at least an hour and a half, if not two hours!! Usually, if he darted out the door (which is rarely, luckily), we've had to catch him with the car. He just hops right in, since he loves to ride. Luck was with us that night. I guess he'd been out wandering, got bored, and came back home, before we missed him. I was so happy to see him there on the landing safe and sound. I got so lucky that night.

Bear is really our only flight risk. The littles (Slate and Shiloh) go out in the yard with me on their own. They never leave my area. Fergie is usually on a leash and always refuses to leave my side. She has a FANTASTIC recall too! But Bear, Bear is my little worrywort. So much so, that he's going to the vet to be microchipped soon. I just couldn't imagine him getting lost. The very thought just sickens me. I know that things do happen to even the most careful pet owners, but that's one thing I pray that I'm never faced with. That's why the story about the Whippet just worries me. I can't imagine what her poor owner must be going through. I hope that they find her safe and sound soon. It just makes me want to go home and hug all of my bunch. Ya'll give your furries hugs for me too! May they always be safe at home.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wonderful Evening

I hope that everyone had as wonderful Valentine's Day as I did. Yesterday seemed to really fly by, and it was soon time to head off for a fantastic evening. Casey and I realized a long time ago, that we "march to the beat of a different drum", so to speak. So when I asked him for something other than flowers, he wasn't suprised. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE beautiful roses, but you can't keep them. It's an awful lot of money just to throw in the trash can later. Instead, he gifted me with quite a few of my long sought after Star Wars collectibles. I won't bore you all with the exact details, but I will tell you that I've been hunting these for a long time.

Afterwards, it was off to Marina's. Since it's always a mad house there on Valentine's Day, Casey had made our reservations weeks ago. What a stroke of luck that was. It seems that it's gotten so crazy in the past couple of years, that dinner at Marina's last night was by reservation only. I'll have to admit that it made the atmosphere so much more relaxing. I'm sure that the cooks and wait staff appreciated the more relaxed atmosphere as well. Marina's is located in an old building on the square in Murfreesboro. I believe it was built about 1869, so it's naturally charming inside. They always have the place decorated, beautifully, for any holiday, and last night was no exception. They had heart lights all over the place (very tastefully) and candles lit in the windows and on every table. It was a very romantic setting and at the same time relaxing. And the food...the food was fantastic. We had the spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer and tomato florentine soup. We both had a glass of wine. Casey had the Pinot Noir and I had the German one beginning with the g (no I can't spell it or say it). Then Casey had the Baked Salmon and I had the Chicken Parmesan. Casey was impressed with his meal. And my chicken was so good, that it just melted in your mouth. We were ready to be rolled to the car, by the time it was over. We were happy and full, when all was said and done.

Then, it was off for home. We had to tend to the furries and get them let out and fed. Casey and I got settled on the couch to watch the finale of the Westminster Dog Show. (They had a wonderful tribute to the dogs of Katrina and the many volunteers that rescued them on Monday night. It was beautiful, and I wish that they would post it on their website, but you can read about their contribution HERE.) Before we both knew it, we were sound asleep. Man, it's rough getting older. So much for the days of staying up until dawn. I just remember the dogs entering for the Best in Show class. I had to hear who took the top honor on the news this morning. At least, I got plenty of sleep and feel fine today. Still, it was a great evening out.

I have nothing big planned for today. I'm just going through the usual routine. I hope everyone has a great day.

****AND...don't forget, if you live in Tennessee, please write to your representatives and urge his/her support on SB 2626 Spay/Neuter. This bill could really make a difference for the homeless animals in Tennessee****

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Tennessee Animal Bill In Legislature

I'm urging everyone who lives in the State of Tennessee to vote for Senate Bill 2626 Spay/Neuter. Here's the overall jist of the bill:

*SB2626 by *Burchett.

Animal Control - Establishes assistance program to reimburse eligible counties and municipalities for direct costs incurred in making available spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs to low-income persons; establishes statewide education program relative to benefits of spaying and neutering dogs and cats; creates spay/neuter fund to fund such programs and establishes revenue stream for such fund. - Amends TCA Title 44,

Chapter 17

and Title 55, Chapter 4, Part 2.

Summary for

No Amendments for SB2626

Fiscal Note for

No Fiscal Note for this Bill!


Bill History Section

Actions Taken on SB2626

Action Date

Intro., P1C. 2/8/2006

Filed for intro. 2/7/2006

To see the entire bill click HERE

I am asking all of you to write to your representatives urging them to support this bill. This would be a HUGE step in reducing the number of homeless animals in our state. Not sure what to say? Below is an example/form letter you can use.

Dear Honorable Senator [Insert last name]:

I ask that you please vote in favor of SB 2626. Passing this spay/neuter bill would help our state move into a proactive position in line with so many other states who are a step ahead of us. This will also result in enormous cost savings by helping to alleviate pet overpopulation and the necessary animal control to keep it in check.

By including a statewide education program, SB 2626 will turn the tide for the treatment of animals in our state. It will bring up the next generations realizing that pets are more than property.

Please vote Yes to SB 2626. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Sign with your name, address, phone #]

To find your representatives, along with their information, click HERE for the Senate, and HERE for the House of Representatives. Together we CAN make a difference!

Starving for Dinner

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The weekend was pretty dull around my neck of the woods. We continued to see snow flurries up until yesterday morning. Casey and I just lounged on the couch all day Sunday, like hibernating bears. We couldn't get motivated to do one thing! So, we just watched movies all day. Yesterday, I finally got everything left back in order from the water heater malfunction. So, we are back to normal, for now....

Casey is taking me out for a really nice Valentine's dinner tonight. We are going to a little local Italian place called Marina's. They always have something extra special going for Valentine's. They have a special tonight that includes appetizers, entrees, and dessert or wine. I'm sure I'll have to get someone to wheel me to the car afterwards. That's why I'm trying to eat really light all day today. I really want to enjoy tonight. Casey was so sweet and made reservations for this weeks ago. It was nice to know that he wants me to enjoy my night. I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow. Everyone have a great day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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It's that time of year again. Valentine's Day. Please remember safety tips, if you are giving your dogs and cats a sweet treat this Valentine's Day.

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Sugar free candy can be toxic to your pet. Many sugar free candies contain xylitol, which is dangerous to animals. Here's some tips from the ASPCA on treating your pets for Valentine's.


For many people, overindulging in Valentine’s goodies may result in a few extra pounds—but the consequences for our animal companions are much greater if they accidentally ingest cookies, candy or baked goods containing chocolate. In any form ranging from one-ounce baking squares to hand-dipped truffles, chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, both methylxanthines that can cause stimulation of the central nervous system, an increase in heart rate and tremors. Clinical signs—vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, hyperactivity, and increased thirst, urination and heart rate—can be seen with the ingestion of as little as two ounces of baking chocolate by a 10-pound dog.

And while sugar-free sweets may be a healthier choice for you, gum or candies made with xylitol can make your pets ill. Dogs who’ve ingested significant amounts may develop a sudden drop in blood sugar, resulting in depression, loss of coordination and seizures. Data from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also appears to point to a link between xylitol ingestion and liver failure in dogs.

Please take care this upcoming Valentine’s Day to keep all candy out of your pets' reach—and don't let them in the kitchen unsupervised if you’re baking with chocolate. If you suspect your pet may have eaten chocolate or candies containing xylitol—or any other potentially poisonous substance—call your veterinarian or the APCC's emergency hotline at (888) 426-4435 for round-the-clock telephone assistance. For more information on poison prevention, visit APCC online.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snowy Day

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The snow never materialized quite the way the weather forcasters predicted. Seems we had some warm air, unexpectedly, push up from the south. Our snow that was supposed to equal 4"-6", ended up only a dusting. It did snow throughout the night but every once in a while, it would just start raining. A lot of the snow that we did get melted. It would have been a lot more significant, if it could have just piled up. When I left this morning, it had started snowing again, and it was starting to stick to the trees and grassy areas. It was the best kind of snow, because it did not affect the roadways. I saw some beautiful scenery coming in today. The whole drive I kept wishing that I could snap pictures, but I didn't really have the time to pull over. I finally got the idea that I would turn the little movie option on my camera on and get pictures that way. The following videos were made about 7:30 a.m. this morning on Hwy. 231 N. from Shelbyville, TN to Murfreesboro, TN. They turned out pretty good. Unfortunately they don't really do justice to the beautiful scenes I witnessed, but they'll have to do. Enjoy! Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Come On Get Happy

Last night's birthday party trooping went great! It ended up that I didn't actually get into costume, but that's o.k. Casey and I were needed as handlers and photographers. Those little kids were just so excited! It was contagious as the guys entered the room in costume. We ended up having an R2D2 unit, Chewbacca, Plo Koon (a jedi), and 2 Stormtroopers. I think there was over 20 kids at that party, and they were just all cute as little buttons. I can't wait to do it again. It's one of those things that just makes you feel good all over. These memories will keep me warm all weekend under all the snow that is forcast! And now....for the pictures. To see all of the pictures from last night, click the photobucket slide show in the sidebar.

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Just look at all of their little faces. They were SO excited!!

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Chewbacca's entrance.

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Group shot.

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With R2.

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Tiny Darth!!

Sooooo much fun!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Secret Agent Cat

I started my day slipping and sliding on icy roads. The further north I traveled the better they got, but I saw some really horrendous wrecks along the way. Now, I hear the weather report for tomorrow predicting up to 4 inches of snow on Friday night. Where's that lovely spring weather, when you need it? I'm a classic example of never being satisfied with what you have. Last year I wanted snow and got none. This year I want spring weather and get snow. Oh well.

Casey and I are planning to help troop our very first 501st event tonight. It's going to be a really cool, rocking Star Wars theme birthday party for an 8 year old. It's going to be such fun. I'm sure that I'll have a slew of pictures to share with you all tomorrow.

Here's today's pet nugget. Fred, a former shelter cat from New York, helped to break an undercover case. Fred helped a police detective uncover a fake vet. The suspect in question, had apparently been an assistant at a veterinary clinic before and was practicing veterinary medicine without a license. Fred played a major part in an undercover sting. Fred posed as the detective's cat and as a prospective patient that needed neutering. As the suspect exited the apartment with Fred in tow, he was arrested by authorities. Right now, they have no idea how many pet owners this guy has scammed. Fred, the once homeless cat, is now quite a celebrity and has appeared at a press conference. To read the whole story and to see some cutie pie pictures of Fred, click HERE.

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hey There, Chicken Lips!!

Saw a couple of interesting stories today that I wanted to share with you all. A woman in Arkansas performed mouth to beak on her brother's exotic chicken. The former nurse found it floating in a pond. The chicken, Boo Boo, is alive and kicking. The story itself is pretty hysterical. Click HERE for the full story.

The second, I first read about over on You Are A Dog. Washington state is mourning the loss of it's first dog, Franz. Franz was immensely popular with his constituents. He had his own webpage, trading cards, and wine. He even endorsed the state'sPet Friendly license plates with his pawprint. Franz was hit and killed by a passing car earlier this week. Franz certainly sounded like a charismatic little dog. My thoughts are with his family. For the full story, click HERE. To learn more about Franz on the governor's website, click HERE.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Parade of Pooches

Well, almost everything is back to normal at the house. I spent most of the weekend trying to get the last bit of carpet dry. It's a really stubborn part. I left a fan running this morning. I just hope that we don't get a case of the dreaded black mold!! Since we spent most of the weekend getting the house back in order, I have little to report. We did venture out to the bookstore on Sunday. I got my book of the month. Since that's the whole report, I'll continue the parade of pooches today. These are more pictures we made for the portrait artist. Enjoy!

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Fergie, pretending to be a lapdog. (The strange look on my face is from lack of oxygen!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Slate is very attentive, while he waits for treats.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Shiloh, hanging out waiting for dropped bits of heaven...mmm..I mean food.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Slate, Fergie, and Bear. Aren't they attentive, when food's involved?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Updates On The Homefront

Things are slowly getting back to normal at my house. Things are back in place, and the carpet is slowly drying. Casey and I don't have plans for the weekend. We are going to try to get the last traces of the water heater leak under control.

Our unusual, springlike weather has come to an abrupt end. It's spitting snow outside, as I'm typing this. So, I have some great doggie pics of my bunch to warm you guys up. Also, for everyone keeping up with Nick the Sharpei's story, click HERE for an update and new pictures.

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Image hosting by Photobucket


Image hosting by Photobucket

Slate and Fergie

Image hosting by Photobucket

Waiting for a treat.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Doing tricks for treats.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere!

Or at least that's what it seemed like at my house Tuesday night. Everything seemed fine until Casey discovered that we had no water pressure anywhere in the house. The same thing had happened about 3 weeks ago, when the city was doing some water line work. We casually shrugged it off as the same. Then, as I was getting ready for bed in the bathroom, I heard some very strange sounds on the other side of the wall. I figured that I had better go out and investigate. I went into the bedroom and opened my closet door. That's when I quickly discovered that the water heater had rusted through and busted. Now the drunken idiots that designed my old house many years ago, had put a gas water heater in my closet without emergency turnoffs. Water was spraying like a garden hose on everything in my closet!! The first thing we had to do was make sure to do was to cut the gas off. Not only was the pilot light on, but the water heater was constantly on heating up, since it was losing water. We thought we were going to have an explosion, before we could get it shut off. Then, we kept trying to find the water cutoffs, only to discover there were none. So, we had to call the water company to shut the water off at the street. Meanwhile.... my clothes, floor, and everything else was getting sprayed with water. Casey ran to the kitchen and the bathroom and threw every faucet we have wide open to divert some of the water from the water heater. Finally, the water was shut off. The next thing was to get everything out of the closet. Everything ended up on the bed, so Casey and I slept on the couches after finally getting settled about 2 a.m. Meanwhile.....water continued to leak out of the rusted hole all night and all day Wednesday.

Casey and I headed out to Lowe's early Wednesday morning to get a new water heater. Unfortunately, they wouldn't deliver it until the next day. So, we waited and the water heater kept dripping. After we got home from Lowe's, (who by the way, didn't mention that we had to buy the drain pan separately. They were so bothered they had to help us that morning) we called our plumber/electrician. Since codes wouldn't let us replace the gas water heater with gas without MAJOR modifications to our bedroom, we had to replace it with electric. This required some major rewiring. Our regular plumber was out of town (isn't that always the way?), so we had to go through the list in the phone book. By late Wednesday afternoon, it wasn't looking good. Everyone kept telling us, it would be late NEXT week. I just wanted to scream, "I CAN'T EVEN GO TO THE BATHROOM PEOPLE!!! I HAVE NO WATER AT ALL!!!" Finally, my neighbors across the street recommended someone. They said to call, when the water heater was delivered, and they'd come right out. FINALLY! Around 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon, we had water, hot and cold, at last. Now we are battling with the wet carpet. We keep sucking the water up every hour. Tonight, we are putting a big de-humidifier in there with a box fan. Hopefully, that will get the last of it. We are certainly not ready to replace the carpet yet. That's been my week, how about ya'll?