Thursday, June 05, 2008

Photo Shoot

My friend Jennie, who owns Kindred Spirits Dog Training & Boarding, is building a brand new website. She hired a professional photographer to come out and shoot all of the pictures for her website. She asked me and Casey, if we would mind bringing the puppies and Fergie out to have their pictures made for her website. Of course, I said yes!! After work yesterday, we went out for the first day of shooting. First, she got a picture of me checking in, while I was holding Shingo. He was looking over my shoulder with the cutest look. After that, she shot them out in the play yard playing. They were all so cute. Me, Casey, Jennie, and her worker, Samantha, were all throwing balls for them. They were running around like crazy!! Then, Jennie wanted to get a shot of me and Fergie for her rescue story page. Jennie originally trained Fergie for 6 weeks at the kennel, before we adopted her. We went out to her horse pasture. Part of it was mown, but the back part wasn't. The part that wasn't was full of wildflowers in bloom. The photographer put a blanket down right were the mown part stopped and the unmown section started. I sat down with Fergie beside me. The picture turned out fantastic!! It looks like we're right in the middle of a meadow. The last shot was of me and Casey and all of the dogs. She had Casey and me sit back to back, leaning on each other. Fergie sat right in front and between us, and Casey and I held the puppies on our laps. Once again, we had the wildflowers right behind us. Jennie's horse warmup ring was right in front of us, and she had climbed onto it and was squaking toys and pitching a ball to get all of the dogs' attention. Those shots were absolutely AWESOME!! I can't wait to get my copies. In addition to our shots, Jennie's other worker had her bulldog there. They had shots of him getting a bath. Too funny!! Another customer had come out with her tiny Chihuahua. She was honey colored, and her name was Butternut!! Butternut was shot using the kennel. Jennie had bought one of those little dog sofas and put it in the kennel. It was leopard print. Butternut had her picture sitting on the doggy sofa in the kennel. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. The whole shoot took about 3 hours, but it was SO much fun! Jennie said it would take about 2 months to get the new website built. When it is up, I'll post the link here, so you guys can take a look at what we did.

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