Friday, June 27, 2008

700 Puppies Rescued from Lyles, TN Puppy Mill

Most of you have probably heard of the puppy mill in Lyles, Tennessee that was shut down this week. With the assistance of the local humane association, The Humane Association of the United States, and other shelters from across the country, over 700 dogs were rescued. This afternoon, WKRN put out a bulletin for anyone who may interested in donating, adopting, or volunteering to help these animals:

Recently, there was a puppy mill that was shut down in Hickman County, TN. Most of the puppies that were rescued will be sent to the local dog shelter.

If anybody would like to adopt these animals, you can contact the Hickman County Humane Society at 1-866-304-3352. There were about 700 puppies that were rescued from this 52-acre farm in Lyles, TN, and they are all now at the Humane society.

This is not the first time this person has been caught with running a puppy mill, just one year ago, she was shut down.

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