Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dreary Saturday

Well, the rain came in about the time Casey and I had planned to go to the pool yesterday. So no go. It has been raining, dreary, and overcast all day today. I guess I shouldn't complain. We need the rain badly, but I just hate it when it rains all day.

Since I can't go to the pool today, I'll just take a long run after work. I've got the Zen all loaded up and readed to go. If it stops raining, it may be cool enough to run outside. That would be SO nice. I'll just go out to the nature trail and go for it. If not, I'll just head over to the Rec Center. I miss running on a ship. All of my runs were so beautiful. At least I have this to remind me:


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Steven and Aisha said...

Nice shot! :)