Thursday, January 08, 2009

Good Days

Today was one of those really "Good Days". A day where everything just falls together. Everyone was in a great mood, the sun was shining, and my day started out with a brand new book that was brought to me. It was good, despite the fact that nothing really extrodinary happened. I hope that my birthday tomorrow will be just as good.

I spent most of the evening talking with my very best friend, Barbara. Today is her birthday. It's a funny story. She and I met, when we were twelve years old. But, I think we had been destined to become best friends from the start. See our mothers shared the same hospital room, when we were born. She beat me by a few hours though. The same year that we met and became close, her family moved. It didn't matter. Distance did nothing to our friendship. Now, she lives in Lewiston, Maine, and we are as close as ever. That call really made my day! We've had a long standing tradition, to always talk on our birthdays. Since flying from Maine can be a bit tricky in the winter, we've decided to get together on our half birthdays and celebrate together in June. I sure hope we keep that plan!

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theogeo said...

That's an awesome story. Happy birthday!