Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maiden Voyage

What a GREAT day. I just got back from seeing Marley and Me with my mom. It was sooooo GOOD!! It made me laugh and cry. It wasn't nearly as good as the book, but it was still very, very good.

After I got back home, Casey had my bike all adjusted and ready to go. It was a nice, warm day. Very good for bike riding. I was a little bit worried that I wouldn't remember how to ride, but I guess they have that saying for a reason. I got on and just took right off. Casey got LOTS of pictures of the first time out. Those will be forthcoming. I'm using the OLD laptop, and it doesn't have a USB 2 port. As soon as I get them uploaded, I'll post them. It's supposed to storm and turn a little cooler tonight, but now I can't wait for tomorrow. I hope it's not too cold to ride. Now, I just have to think of a good name for her. I'm thinking maybe Redbird, but we'll see. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment. It's a Schwinn Point Beach cruiser bike; bright, shiny red. It has a great place on the back to add a basket. Once I get that and a bell, she'll be complete.

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