Friday, December 26, 2008

Did You Have A Very Merry?

I know that I sure did. Santa was very, very good to me this year. Casey gave me a big, red, Schwinn cruiser bike. He also gave me a very sweet gift for our 10th married Christmas. He gave me a 1 carat, diamond marquise ring! How sweet was that? My mom gave me a really pretty silver bracelet and blue topaz jewelry. My brother gave me shower stuff to use after I run and swim. My friend Elaine gave me a really cool polka dot swimsuit cover up and some great books. I don't think I could have had a bigger Crhistmas at all! Even the animals at the Zoo had some great gifts. The puppies got 2 huge bags of Christmas cookies from PetCo, and my brother also gave them a huge box box of homemade treats. The kitties got a big box of catnip. Casey got lots of cooking stuff, some cookbooks, and an iPod Nano.

I hope that everyone had as big of a Christmas as I did!

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