Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Most of yesterday and today have been a blur. Right after lunch yesterday, Casey and I received a call from a friend. It seems that 3 little kittens came to their loading dock, on an 18 wheeler from Montgomery, Alabama. They needed somewhere for them to go FAST, before Animal Control picked them up. They had already told the folks that they would take them back and just put them down. Casey and I told them we'd take them....of course!!! We went by and got them after work. They were tiny, tiny, tiny!! We, along with Kim, took them to Dr. K's and had them checked out. They were deemed about a week old and healthy. Right now, we're bottle feeding them about every 3 hours, and the puppies are bathing them for us!! Too cute! I, however, look like the walking dead today from the schedule. My other coworker, Jen (she works nights) is kitty sitting and feeding during the day for us. We'll pick them up, after we get off from work. I'll have lots of pics to share tomorrow!!

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