Friday, July 18, 2008

The Week To Come

Casey decided after several months of physical therapy, to just go ahead and have the spur on his shoulder surgically removed. He went to the orthopedist last Tuesday and scheduled his surgery. He is scheduled for Friday, the 25th. This coming Tuesday, we have to go and meet with his doctors again for all of the pre-op stuff. This next week is going to be absolutely CRAZY!! I am in charge of the Bedford County Fair Dog Show again this year, and that takes place on Wednesday night. Thursday, I'm dropping the puppies off at Jennie's to board them for a couple of days, until Casey's feeling better. They are SO enthusiastic, and I don't want them jumping all over him. I'm not sure what time his surgery is on Friday, but we'll find out on Tuesday.

Since Casey will be recovering for the next couple of weeks, we've decided to just go out and have some fun this weekend. I'm not exactly sure what all we'll do, but I won't be around for a couple of days. Everyone have a great weekend!

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