Thursday, February 07, 2008

Helping the Animals Affected By the TN Tornadoes

As you all know, many parts of middle Tennessee were greatly affected by the damaging tornadoes Tuesday night. While there are many agencies available to help the folks that lost homes and give them shelter, often their pets are overlooked. Displaced residents are not able to take their pets with them to the Red Cross shelters, which adds even more worry to their stressful situation. There are also all of the animals that were frightened and bolted, along with the injured. The Nashville Humane Association has stepped in to lend a hand to the affected families and animals of middle Tennessee. They are helping set up animal shelter locations, as well as collecting monetary and supply donations. Supplies consist of leashes, collars, crates, dog/cat beds, dog/cat food, cat litter, etc. If you would like to make a donation of any kind to help these families and their animals out, please contact:

The Nashville Humane Association at (615)352-1010 They will be happy to direct your call based on the type of donation.

This is a good time to remember to update or make your family and pet disaster plan. Click HERE for Disaster Preparedness tips from the American Humane Association.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryl,

I'm with the American Pet Cross and this week we've been collaborating with American Red Cross, the Executive Director from your state's Humane Society, the State Vet, DART volunteers and Purina to help out in your state.

As you'd mentioned, kennels, leashes and all other pet equipment and materials (even blankets) will be needed for the folks who have lost everything....

But what may come as a surprise to some of your readers is that what's of dire urgency is that we need hey and land to house all the displaced cattle right now. It's actually a big problem.

Please help us spread the word, we need some help with hey and land to house cattle.

PS Came across your blog and really like it!!!


Jon LoDuca
American Pet Cross

Cheryl said...

Mr. LoDuca,

Is there an e-mail address, where I can contact you? Where I live is a big horse community not far from the affected areas. I may be able to get some hay donated, and I'd like some contact information to give to those who want to donate.