Friday, February 22, 2008

Antifreeze Bill In Tennessee Legislature

Haley Ham from Sevierville, Tennessee needs your help. Last year Haley's dog, Sam, was poisoned intentionally by someone who used antifreeze. Haley, who is 11 years old, was devastated and has worked very hard to keep others from suffering Sam's fate. Haley collected 1,100 signatures to petition the Tennessee Legislature to pass a law requiring the antifreeze companies to add a bittering agent. Haley was on the hill in Nashville Tuesday to tell lawmakers her and Sam's story. The bill, HB2008, is being sponsored by Janis Sontany of Nashville. The bill has already been passed by the full Senate ( SB2399), which was sponsored by Raymond Finney of Maryville. Unfortunately, it was delayed in the House for 2 weeks. The reason for the delay sights that further studies need to be done on environmental impact. California has had this law in place for the past 5 years, has seen no environmental impact. Haley is now asking for everyone's help. Please contact your local representatives and ask them to support the Haley Ham Act of 2008.

For more on Haley Ham's story click HERE and HERE.

To look up your state representatives, click HERE.

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