Friday, January 25, 2008

Molly's Story



Last Monday night when I was at a humane meeting, I got the chance to talk with Molly's foster Mom. Every rescue dog has a story, and for some reason, I had not heard Molly's. This is what she told me. Molly was found locally as a small puppy. She belonged to a family, where nearly every member beat her. When they were done, they put her in a hole in the back yard to die. My wonderful humane lady went out there and got that precious puppy and took her to her foster Mom's house. Her foster Mom said that she was very shy, nervous, and skittish for about the first month she was there. Who could blame her, after what she went through. She finally settled in and began acting like a normal puppy should. She played with the other dogs and finally learned to trust humans again. Molly lived with her foster Mom, until she was nearly a year old. She had only been at the shelter about three weeks, when Casey and I met her. I immediately took to her, because she resembled Shingo so much. I mentioned her to Casey, but he threatened divorce if I considered bringing another puppy home. When it became obvious, several weeks later, that Shingo needed a playmate (since we were about to die from exhaustion), she was the obvious choice. The original plan was to get her for an afternoon to see how she did. As you all know, she's been with us ever since. I'm so glad that she's mine now, and that Casey and I can give her the kind of life she deserves.



ann said...

Sent you an email I got from a friend after we adopted Daisy. We don't have any of Daisy's background. From the way she acts around some people and objects, I am not sure that I even want to know:(

Yvonne said...

When I hear these stories I realize how easily I could forget to love people, become the wretched creatures some are and treat them as they have mistreated God's creatures. Without guilt or remorse.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Awww she's lovely. Glad she's found a good forever home with you.