Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

I hope that everyone is having a Happy New Year!! Seems like I've been away forever. I'm back in the normal grind now. It's tough to get back to normal after the holidays. I didn't get nearly as much done as I had planned on vacation. BOO!!! BUT....I did catch up on my rest. Casey and I both turned into couch potatoes. I spent most of my vacation sitting on the sofa watching movies. Sitting on the sofa, alone, is unheard of at my house. I have at LEAST two dogs on me at all times. Check it out. They are all made with the cell, BUT HOORAY, I've finally found the camera battery:

Me, Shingo, & Molly

I've titled this next one, I Sleep With Dogs! HA!

I Sleep With Dogs

That's Fergie on the far left, then Shiloh, Shingo, me, and Molly. Oh yeah, and the occasional cat, Biscuit, above me.

We did have a couple of VERY stressful days that turned us into slugs for the rest of the week. Casey didn't feel well right up until Christmas Eve. Thankfully, he felt pretty good afterwards. On Christmas night, my brother started having seizures for unexplained reasons. His CAT scan from the hospital came out clean, so we are still waiting for the doctor's explanation today. It was stressful for several days, because of the confusion that accompanies Grand Mal seizures afterwards. Thankfully, by Thursday he was back to his normal self and feeling much better. Please send prayers this way that everything turns out well for him. It would be greatly appreciated.

Other than that blip, we had a good Christmas and New Year. We got some great stuff and enjoyed visiting with our family and friends. How about yours?


ann said...

Hugs and happy thoughts to your family. Spent the evening chilling here also. Curled up on couch watching tv.

Yvonne said...

I hope the doctors can give your brother some answers and that he recovers completely.

I love having my pooches sleep on the couch with me. I rest best that way. P.S. Loved that picture!

Jennifer said...

Cheryl, your pictures were so cute! I can't sleep with anything or anyone touching me...but it looks like you're enjoying yourself!
I hope they find out what's wrong with your brother...has to be scary when something new happens like that. Keep me updated, please!