Friday, December 08, 2006

Busy Weekend!

This weekend is the annual 501st Southern Outpost Tennessee parades weekend. Outpost members from four states all meet up at a central location to march in local Christmas parades and attend our annual Christmas party. This year, we are marching in the Gallatin, TN on Saturday and Hendersonville, TN parade on Sunday. So far, we have a group of around 80 costumers that will march together. Last year, this event was one of the first that Casey and I participated in, and it was an absolute blast. We are marching with a float and a couple of vehicles. It should be quite a spectacle. So if you are in the area and want to see a platoon of Imperial costumers, come on out. I'll have LOTS of pictures to share on Tuesday. Everyone have a great weekend!

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Parade Weekend, 2005

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