Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cruise Countdown

Happy April everyone!! Yesterday officially started my cruise countdown. We leave out for Miami on May 2nd. We actually get on the boat on May 4th!! WOOT!! As I've said before, this cruise is in celebration of my and Casey's 10th anniversary. Well, our actual anniversary is April 9th, but we can celebrate just as well on the boat two weeks later!

This past weekend was spent getting even more stuff done on our pre-cruise list. We cleared one of the biggest hurdles: Casey's suits. We managed to get him two new suits for around $200.00. I had actually budgeted for much more for just one suit. We were in Franklin this past Sunday and dropped by S&K Menswear. They were having a terrific sale on suites: 2 for $200.00. So, we went ahead and got what we needed. Our cruise is having two formal nights, so we needed to get our wardrobe in order. Luckily, I got my dresses several months ago. Now, we just have a few things left on the list. We still need a new suitcase, and we still have to get our car tuned up. I'm sure I'll think of a hundred other things, before we leave. I'm glad I still have nearly a month to get it all done!!

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