Saturday, April 05, 2008

So Much The Usual

I haven't posted in a couple of days...well...because there just hasn't been much to report. Things are typical. We have had LOTS of rainy weather. I guess I can't complain. It means that we won't go on forced water restrictions in my neck of the woods from last summer's drought. We are just now catching up on our lack of the liquid stuff. I understand that really, BUT does it have to all come in the same couple of weeks. I, for one, would personally like to see the sun NOW. The weather forecasters have told me to take heart, because after today, it really IS going to get better. Whatever. That's what they said last weekend. So, we'll see. I really do hope tomorrow is sunny and warm. I would like to get the puppies out for walks. Molly needs a lot more work walking on lead. I'd also like to start running with Shingo. The winter has left him a little pudgy, so I need to let him exercise more. Eventually, I'd like to run with both Shingo and Molly on a coupler, but right now, Shingo's the only one trained enough not to trip me on the street. :) I went to Yoga class, early this morning. I feel stretched out and relaxed. I've discovered that I always run really well after yoga, so I'll be headed out in a bit to get a couple of miles in today. Hopefully, I won't freeze to death or trip and break something. Shingo's a really good walker, so hopefully all will go well. Everyone have a great weekend!

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