Saturday, March 29, 2008


I just got back from my Yoga class a little bit ago. Yoga always makes me feel so good. We learned a really neat stretch/pose for runners today: extended pigeon pose. It was really hard to do, but afterwards, it felt really good. Now I feel really pumped, and I'm itching to go running. My trainer was right. Once you get past that first few weeks of discomfort, running can definitely become an addiction. When I started out, I had HORRIBLE shin splints. So bad in fact, that I had to ice my legs down every night. It took me nearly a month to get over those enough to run more than once a week. I've slowly built up the number of runs I take a week now, and I'm running 1-2 miles at a time. I'm currently up to 3 runs a week, if I can possibly fit them in my schedule. The more I run, the more I WANT to run. I'm fast becoming a firm believer in the "runners high". I've become so addicted that yesterday, when my trainer wanted to run outside in 48 degree weather, that I just ran right out the door with her, shorts and all. That's another feature of running that I'm really enjoying...running outside. It took me a while to adjust to the outside from the track, but it has been totally worth it!

Casey has been nice enough to let me borrow his Zen Stone MP3 player and load up a running playlist. So the past couple of runs, I've enjoyed music with my runs. Here's what's on my running play list so far:

It's a really eclectic list of music from the 80's and today. If anyone has any suggestions for additions to my playlist, leave a comment!! Now, I've just got to call Casey and see if he has any late afternoon plans for us. If not, I'm going to sneak an extra run in today. Everyone have a great weekend!

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L^2 said...

I understand exactly how you feel about running (I wish it was warmer here so I could run outside again. I live about half a block away from an outdoor track). I love it too, and my family thinks I'm crazy! I haven't tried yoga yet though, swimming and running keep me busy enough.
I listen to a wide variety of music when I run too. What I choose just depends on the mood I'm in I guess, but usually I prefer rock music for running. Lately I've been running to a bunch of songs from Live's "Throwing Copper" CD.