Thursday, April 10, 2008


While Casey and I were out yesterday, we made THE list. This was a list of the last things we needed to get, before the cruise. It included: pick up Casey's suits, purchase dress shirt and tie, dress shoes, sandals, shirts and shorts for Casey, and dress shoes for my formal dress. I'm happy to say that we got everything crossed off the list! There were some fantastic sales going on yesterday. We got everything for under $100.00 too! I can't believe how much better I feel getting so much done ahead of time. Now all we lack is our car maintenace to do. We're going to work on that this weekend.

Our anniversary was just GREAT!! The weather cleared off and turned out perfect too! We decided to have lunch at City Cafe. We went there to eat lunch, right after we got married 10 years ago. We were even able to sit at the same table. I had yummy turkey and dressing with green peas and cranberry sauce. YUM!! Afterwards, we headed off to Franklin and Cool Springs to get our shopping done. We had a lovely anniversary dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Casey and I both had steak and baked potatoes. I was miserably full, when dinner was over! I've got so much running and swimming to do the rest of this week!! I just couldn't have asked for a better anniversary this year!

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