Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!!!


It's finally spring!! It's finally officially spring!! As is the case with our schizophrenic weather around here, the forecast doesn't know it quite yet. We had the coldest morning all week this morning!! I'm officially tired of this now. I demand warm weather!!

Casey's doctor's appointment went well yesterday. Luckily, he has no rotor cuff damage. That means that he can put of the surgery for a while. We are going to try various and asundry other things first, before we got the surgery route. He's got to have physical therapy two times a week for the next four weeks first. Then, we'll see where we are and how he is doing. I think Casey feels relieved that he's at least got a reprieve from surgery for now. I just hope that the therapy works.

Not a lot going on around here again today. My allergies are wreaking havoc with me at the moment. The Bradford Pear trees and the forsynthia bushes are about to drive me over the edge. I'm just one big sneeze, snort, and itchy spot. Oh mighty Zrytec save me!! Well, I'm off to take some Advil. Have a great day everyone!!

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