Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weird Week

It's been a really weird week. I started off good, but ended up battling with a migraine Wednesday night and all day Thursday. I HATE migraines. I don't have them much, thankfully, but when I do, I make up for it. So, I mostly just lounged around the house with my pillow on Thursday. Luckily, the puppies were more than understanding and kept the crazy to a minimum. They ended up mostly sleeping, when I did. I've got to give them extra treats for that. Yesterday, I just felt thick and foggy headed; I usually do after a migraine. I'm also usually in a very bad mood the day after I get over one. I refer to yesterday as a crisis of enthusiasm. I didn't like anything or anyone. I did manage to make myself go workout, which really helped a lot.

There's not much going on here today. I've just watched the rainy weather all day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and much nicer, along with Monday. I don't really have anything special planned, but you never know what Casey and I might get into. Since Monday is going to be so beautiful, I'm planning on cleaning tomorrow or tomorrow night, so I can have the day Monday. I may take the puppies for a walk.

Everyone have a great weekend!! I'll leave you with a picture of me, trying to recover from the migraine with Shingo assisting.


OUCH!! That light was painful!!

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Yvonne said...

Nothing better than Pooch Therapy!

I hope you had a restful weekend and the migrane is a thing of the past.