Thursday, August 16, 2007

Something New Everyday

I tell you guys, Celebration Pet Day is going to be great this year. It just keeps getting better everyday! I got a really nice e-mail from Kay Allen this morning. She's the one coming with the minis from Blessed Assurance Farm. Not only is she going to bring her minis, but she is also going to do several demonstrations. She is going to do a donkey cart driving demonstration. She is also going to do a coon jumping demonstration. I had no clue what coon jumping was for donkeys. I found out that it looks a bit like dog agility or steeple chase. Those mini donkeys have spring-a-lators for legs. Kay says, "If you have not seen a donkey show these little guys are pretty amazing. They can jump higher than their own height from a standing start". Well, you DO learn something new everyday!

To see some GREAT pictures of donkey cart driving and coon jumping, click HERE.

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