Saturday, August 04, 2007


WOW is it ever hot out there today!! I nearly melted, and I was in the pool doing laps. It doesn't help that the humidity is at nearly 50% either. Just miserable. Since the heat is cranking up, please remember to take extra special care of your furry family members. Let them stay indoors or please make sure they have enough shade and clean water to drink. NEVER EVER leave your pet in a parked car during the summer. It only takes a few minutes for them to get overheated. Once again, here are some hot weather reminders from the ASPCA.

School's out for the summer! It's time to play and have fun in the sun! But sometimes it's not so fun for pets. Do you know how to protect your kitties, pooches, and all other furry little friends when the temperature soars? Here's how to help them beat the heat.

There's no place like home! Bring your dog indoors when it is too hot and let him relax in the coolest part of your home with you. Keep your kitties indoors, and always provide all of your furry friends with plenty of cold, fresh water.

Help, I'm lost! Never leave your animal loose outside. Your animal friend might become lost, injured, or even stolen!

Hot! Hot! Hot! In really hot weather, don't leave your pooch standing outside too long, and keep his walks short. He is closer to the street than you are, and his little paws can burn!

Let's play! Have fun and exercise with your animal in the early morning or at night, when it is cooler. Do not play with your animal after he's eaten or in really hot weather.

If your kitty or doggie is a little pudgy or old, have him stay indoors as much as possible.

Never leave your dog, cat, or any other animal friend alone in a car in hot weather! The inside of a car can heat up very quickly—even with a window a little open—and your animal will suffer. So, if your animal friends go on a trip with you, make sure you and your family take them wherever you go. Carry plenty of fresh, cold water.

Splish! Splash! If you take your pooch to the beach, make sure he has a place to rest that's away from the sun, and give him plenty of fresh water to drink. Remember to rinse him off if he takes a dip in the ocean.

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