Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meeting Stephenie Meyer

Our night meeting Stephenie Meyer was fantatastic! Casey,Kim, and I got to Nashville early. It was nice to beat the rush hour traffic. We managed to relax have a cup of Starbucks and a little dinner before heading over to the "I Love Edward Cullen" party at Davis Kidd. They had a really nice, private room just off the cafe' for us to use. They had munchies, drinks, and sweets for us. The pre-party and snacks began at 5:30 p.m. After we'd all gone in and mingled for a few minutes, they brought Stephenie in to meet us. She was one of the nicest people that I've ever met. She took her time and made it around the entire room to personally speak with everyone and pose for pictures. Everyone had absolute FITS over the sweatshirts that Kim and I had made for the event. So much so, that we had one of the discussion boards take our picture, and Stephenie herself requested to have her picture made with us. Who knows were all our pictures will end up. After we had posed with Stephenie for our picture, she autographed both of our shirts. Kim and I continued to mingle with the other party goers. We met some really nice folks.

Because we were in the group for the pre-party, we were granted the opportunity to be the first group in line for the book signing. After about an hour and a half, Kim and I made our way out to the main floor for the book signing. After about thirty to forty minutes of questions and answers about her books, Stephenie started signing. Stephenie had liked our shirts so much that Kim and I offered to send her one, when our turn came up. She got so excited and said that she'd LOVE one. She also mentioned that she just loved it, when her fans got creative and came up with their own t-shirts and other things. Her PR rep loved them too and gave us her card with an address to mail them to her. By the end of the night, everyone was referring to us as the "sweatshirt girls". That was kind of neat. After the signing was over, we headed back home. I'm just a little tired this morning. Not too bad considering. It was quite a lovely night. I'm just so glad that Kim strong armed me into going.

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Stephenie Meyer at the "I Love Edward Cullen" party.

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Mingling at the party.

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Me, Stephenie Meyer, and Kim at the "I Love Edward Cullen" party.

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Stephenie answering questions at the book signing.

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More questions and answers.

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My sweatshirt that Stephenie autographed.

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Short and Fat said...

I thought about going to that, but then I realized that a guy my age should not attend an event with her target audience.

Plus the girl character gets on my nerves. Why does she have to be so weak?

Uh, did she say when book 3 is coming out?