Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day...BLAH!!

Even though it's an extra day off from work, I've never really been fond of Labor Day. It's just the end for me. The end of summer. The end of my VERY favorite season of the year. I always know that the fall/winter depression is about to start. Days on end of gloomy weather, stuck inside. YUCK!! My beloved outdoor pool has already closed for the season. It just kills me to swim inside on a hot, sunny day. It's just not as much fun swimming indoors for me. I NEED that good healthy dose of sunshine. At least, I can still run outside. I hate fall so much that I can't even enjoy the last few weeks of summer for dreading the onset. That's it. I've got to move to south Florida!! So what if there's hurricanes. I can travel inland for those. I need my summer weather!!
The summer place that's my favorite...I'm missing it so....

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L^2 said...

I think you already know this, but I TOTALLY agree with you.

I actually enjoy swimming at the indoor pool here, because it's much nicer than the outdoor one in my town, but otherwise I absolutely feel the same way as you do about summer in it's imminent end.