Thursday, December 06, 2007

First Walk

Shingo has been so antsy in the house lately, that I decided to take him for his first walk last night. I WOULD have to pick one of the coldest nights in a while. I bundled him up in his little doggie sweater and bundled myself up like Nanuk of the North, and twenty minutes later, we were on our way. Even though the wind was howling and it was quite cold, he did SO good. He just trotted along beside me. The only time he would stop to sniff was when I stopped. It looked just like something straight from The Dog Whisperer. As cold as it was it was like Bear was there with us in spirit, because Shingo started meeting and greeting all of the neighbors that were coming and going. Our walk was short, only lasting about 15 minutes, but I wanted to keep it fairly short for the first time. Now, I know it was too short. He was still fairly antsy, when we got home. We'll go back out tonight and hopefully last a little longer.

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