Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Party Weekend

Casey and I attended our first holiday party of the Christmas season on Saturday night. It was the annual Christmas gathering of the 501st Legion, MidSouth Garrison. We waffled a bit at first on our attendance, because I woke up not feeling well on Saturday. After a quick nap, I decided that I felt well enough to go. It was at the Sportman's Club in Ft. Campbell, KY. We had a really good turnout. The Christmas party is a good way to see folks that only troop at Christmas. It's always good to see friends this time of year. We had a buffet dinner, cake, and drinks. After dinner, the annual awards were given out. All in all, it was a good night.

On Sunday, Casey and I both had slug disease and just sat around watching t.v. and movies. Season 1 of Airwolf had come up on Netflix queue, and I had lots of fun watching the old episodes. Airwolf was a childhood favorite t.v. show of mine. I would sure love to have an old Airwolf flight suit costume!

Yesterday, Mom and I went to get some Christmas shopping done. That's always one of the advantages of having Mondays off. It's a great time to Christmas shop. I'm not sure that the throngs have started yet. Mom and I didn't wait in a line the entire day. In fact, the shops and mall seemed a bit vacant. Maybe everyone is waiting later this year. I got a couple of things for Mom and some things for Casey. I still have just a little left. I guess that I'll be out in the crowd after all!

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Christine said...

Airwolf? Aw man, I was only a tiny little girl (like 6 or 7) but I had such a mini-crush on Jan-Michael Vincent (the lead guy on Airwolf). Yes, I fully realized that this was entirely too early for me to have a crush, but I had one all the same. I had one also on ET the extraterrestrial, for what it's worth. ;)

Have a very happy holiday season, Cheryl!