Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas-ey Weekend

I consider this the weekend that will kickoff my 2007 holiday season. Today there is the:

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Tonight, I'll be doing my yearly tradition of the Shelbyville Christmas Parade. It's been raining all morning, so I hope it lets up in time for the parade. It's just drizzly right now, so I hope they don't call it off early. I've been doing this tradition with my mother and brother for close to the last 20 years. We're there every year in our best holiday frocks, and I've always looked forward to it. This year, I think we are going to arrive on the square early and have dinner at Bocelli's. It's been yonks since I've eaten there, so I'm really looking forward to it. My mom is treating us this year!

Tomorrow, Casey and I are cooking up some holiday goodies to make Christmas baskets. We are delivering them to our Dr.'s office, Dr. K's office, and to some of the most wonderful neighbors. So far we plan to include: old fashioned sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, cheddar cheese crispies, and sausage balls. It makes me hungry just thinking about it. Since Casey has a Dr.'s appointment on Monday (he's got a nasty sinus infection again), we'll get them all delivered this week.

We are also trying an experiment this weekend. I don't want to say much about it, until I find out if it's going to work. I really want it to though, so everyone cross their fingers for us. I'll keep you guys up to date....

Everyone have a terrific weekend!

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