Wednesday, November 28, 2007

That Time of Year

Casey and I had a really nice, quiet Thanksgiving. We decided to cook our own dinner this year, so we could have LOTS of yummy leftovers. Boy, do we have LOTS of leftovers!! I'm not quite sure what we were thinking, when we bought a 12 lb. turkey for three people. I'll know better next year. Casey smoked the bird, and it came out beautifully. We had all of the yummy sides to go with it too: dressing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, fried corn, and cranberry sauce. Since the turkey took most all day to smoke, I made my traditional Thanksgiving breakfast (Sausage, Egg, and Cheese casserole, and Garlic Cheese Grits casserole) to hold us over. After all of that cooking and eating, we really didn't accomplish much else.

On Friday, Casey and I just decided to lounge around and rest. We both had good books we were reading, and we continued to do just that. On Friday night, we had the annual humane association volunteer chili supper. It was really nice to get together and eat some chili, after all of that rich food. The desserts were out of this world, chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, and the best strawberry cake with glaze that I have ever eaten. We practically had to roll ourselves home!

On Saturday, there was even more eating! We went up to Clarksville to have Thanksgiving dinner with all of our 501st Legion, MidSouth Garrison friends. It was a covered dish meal, and there was more food there than you can imagine. I went home Saturday night miserable again!

Sunday, Casey and I put the stop on all of the eating. We had chili and grilled cheese sandwiches. I can honestly say that for once I was sick of eating! We watched movies all afternoon. We were so rotund by that time, it was all we could manage to do!!

On Monday, I finally hauled myself up off of the sofa to clean house. It felt really good to get back up and moving again. Casey and I decided to snack for dinner again and watch yet another movie that night.

WHEW!! What a Thanksgiving break! I have to say that I really did enjoy my time at home. After this fall, I needed a few days to decompress and de-stress. I had a great time with Shingo. That's the longest break that I've had off from work, since we got him in September. He was like a different little dog, while we were home. Mostly because he stayed awake all day. When we work, he just naps all day and is crazy, when we get home. I could tell with us home correcting him, that we really did change his behavior. I'm really looking forward to what happens when we both have two weeks off at Christmas!!

That was my Thanksgiving. How was yours?

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