Saturday, November 17, 2007

More of the Same

I haven't posted much this week. Well, frankly because there has been nothing much going on worth posting. It's just been the usual work, eat, let the dogs out, sleep sort of thing. Everything has pretty much been the status quo, until yesterday. One of our furkids, our outside cat Mr. Perkins, has been feely puny lately. So, we took him into the vet. His news isn't good. Dr. K thinks that he's gotten into something toxic, and his kidneys are starting to fail. I've always known this was a possibility with outdoor cats. Mr. Perkins is one of those cats that is impossible to keep inside. He's the consumate door dasher and impossible to catch once outside. He pretty much likes to either go in or out, whenever the door opens. So after months of wrestling him, when he was young, Casey and I finally decided to let him be an indoor/outdoor cat. Now, that decision has come back to haunt us. Casey will talk more with Dr. K today to see if the situation has improved. If not, it may again be a hard weekend for us.

I HATE this fall. I'm ready for this to stop now!

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