Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Restful Weekend

I had a very restful weekend. I've felt better the last couple of days than I have in a while. Casey and I didn't get into anything big over the weekend. On Sunday, we drove over to Mufreesboro to walk around The Avenues. We really enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, we went to have dinner at Carrabba's. So, we really just relaxed. Yesterday, I got some much needed cleaning done around the house. With the events of the last couple of weeks, I had kind of let it go. So, I had A LOT of catching up to do. Getting everything clean and organized always makes me feel better.

Now, I'm beginning to look forward to the Thanksgiving holidays. Casey and I are planning to make our own dinner this year. We decided that we would like the yummy leftovers. Casey's planning on smoking our turkey. He's become quite the smoker king lately. I want to contribute to the feast, I've just got to figure out what I want to make. I usually don't like to cook at all, but the holidays are different. I'm sure that I'll make my traditional Thanksgiving Day breakfast, but other than that I have to figure it out. Any suggestions?


Jennifer said...

The Avenues...that the new shopping mall? We drove through there a couple of weeks ago, but I want to WALK through there...with money...I'm in a shopping mood! :)

Anonymous said...

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