Thursday, August 05, 2010

I'm Melting!!

WOW, is it ever hot here! When I left work yesterday, the temp read 107!! I checked the weather channel, and they said the heat index was 114!!! That's just RIDICULOUS!!! I know that it gets hot out west, but it really is a dry heat. The humidity has just been awful here, along with the heat. Everything is drying up and getting crunchy. I'm not sure when I mowed my lawn last. The puppies are all restless. It's too hot to go for walks. It's too hot for them to play in their pool!! I just can't keep the water cool enough in it! It's too hot to play outside. Poor little Jack nearly hyperventilates, just going potty! I sure hope this weather breaks soon! I never planned living on the surface of the sun!!
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