Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Crazy

Things are just insane at my house right now. Casey and I leave for our cruise in 2 days. I spent the weekend doing more laundry than any one person should have to do. We are going to be gone long enough, that I need to make sure that we have plenty of clean clothes to see us through. Luckily, its just mostly shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, etc., but I do need to make sure I remember the clothes for our 2 formal nights on the ship. I've had a terrible feeling that I will forget something, so last night I sat down and wrote out a HUGE list! That made me feel a little better, at least. My biggest fear is getting to Florida without our passports!! I think I'll put those in my purse tonight!!! I still have just a little laundry left to do tonight, but nothing major. I'll start packing up the suitcases tonight too. The puppies will be dropped off for boarding late tomorrow afternoon. That's when the crying event will happen for me. I always cry, when I leave them for a trip. I know that they'll have a marvelous time, but I'll still miss them terribly.

Even with that said, I'm still excited for the vacation. Our cruise stops in 5 ports of call this time. We'll visit Puerto Rico, St. Thomas V.I., Tortolla and Antigua B.V.I, and Nassau Bahamas. It's going to be a much busier cruise than the last one. On the way down to Florida, we are going to stop in Cordele, Georgia and see my sweet friend, Linda. It's wonderful that she lives right on our way!!! We'll also get to see her on the way back home too. YAY!! I just hope that I have some time to rest a bit, during all the excitement. Maybe on the drive down, I'll get to rest. WHEW!

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L^2 said...

Hope you guys have a great trip!