Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Fun 2010

Well, Casey, I, the dogs, and the cats have been snowed in since Friday. It started snowing early Friday morning. By noon it was getting treacherous, so Casey and I decided to head home. The university decided to shut down at 1, and they've been shut down ever since. So, I managed to snag an extra long weekend. WOOT! When the snow was finally said and done, we had nearly 6 inches on the ground at the house. We've just basically hung out, watched t.v., and played out in the snow with the dogs. The dogs have enjoyed the snow, nearly as much as we have. I'm sure that their paws got a little frosty, but they didn't seem bothered in the least. I had to take the puppies out one at a time, because there was a lot of ice with our snow. Everything was slippery, and it was easy to fall down. Here's a little video that I made with the new camcorder that Casey gave me for my birthday. It's of Indiana, Fergie, Jack, and Trixie out playing in the snow. There's more videos of Shingo and Molly out. I'll download those and post them up tomorrow.

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Life With Dogs said...

What a blast! Our dogs are bored with winter now, but the first few snowfalls get them riled up! :)