Friday, May 01, 2009

What I'm Up To

I promise you all that I WILL do better at regular updates. My life has been CRAZY busy the past month. I'm typically so exhausted, by the time I get home, that all I can manage is to scan my list of sites. Work has been busy, and by the time I cram in my exercise regimen, I'm done for. Anyway, things are going swimmingly at home. All the Zoo Crew is doing well and enjoying the warmer weather. Next Thursday, all of the puppies go to Dr. K's for their yearly check ups and vaccinations. THAT will be a fun morning getting the three of them to cooperate. The kittens that we bottle fed last summer are due for their yearly check ups and vaccinations too. They are scheduled to go on the 12th. So, the next two weeks are going to be full of animal transport for us! I'm sure that I'll have some VERY intersting stories to report afterwards.

Casey and I have been busy looking at new cars. Even though we haven't had our Altima very long, it has nickled and dimed us to death. We just got a lemmon. Just last year, we spent over $2,500 in repairs. We also know that we need some repairs done, and we just don't want to invest any more money in this car. So hopefully by next week, we'll have a new mode of transportation. We're just trying to take our time with a decision and be very careful deciding what we want this time.

To celebrate our 11th anniversary, Casey and I booked another Carnival Cruise for next year (2010). We loved our cruise so much last year, that we can't wait to go back. We had wanted to go this year, but now I'm glad we decided to wait. The travel restrictions with the new swine flu is changing a lot of the sailing ports. On the next cruise we'll visit three new places, in addition to two islands that we've visited before. This cruise we'll visit: San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas (my fav from last cruise), Antigua, Tortolla, and Nassau. I know that it's still a year away, but I'm REALLY looking forward to it!!

That's pretty much it from my world right now. I will do better with updates...I will do better with updates......

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