Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Foster Dog

I still intend to blog more regularly...but this week has been INSANE. On Monday, Mom and I had Dr.'s appointments. Tuesday after work, Casey and I dropped the kittens off at the vet to be spayed/neutered on Wednesday. Tuesday night, I swam 1,000 yds., and then I taught water aerobics at the Shelbyville Rec Center. Wednesday afternoon we picked the kittens up.

Yesterday, we went to Williamson County Animal Control to pick up a foster dog to foster for Ratbone Rescues. The dog's name is Scooter, and he is a Rat Terrier. Scooter is 10 years old. He is housetrained and leash trained. He loves all people, dogs, and cats. He is truly a little sweetheart. We decided to foster him, so he would have a second chance at a good life. Here's some pictures of him:




He did really well meeting the Zoo yesterday. They've all become fast friends. Mom looked in on him this morning. He's already made himself at home. He was fast asleep, in the middle of our bed.

We dropped the puppies off at the vet this morning, for their yearly shots and checkups, so Scooter is home with just Fergie and Shiloh. I figured that he'd probably destress a lot today, with it being quiet and all. We just got a call from Dr. K's office that the puppies are ready, so we'll pick them up right after work. It's probably going to be another exciting afternoon and evening for us, and all I want right now is a nap!

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